While the U.S. continues to fall behind other nations in basic skills like reading, writing, math, and science, the most important decisions regarding a student’s education are being set by school administrators behind closed doors and are increasingly influenced by political activists.

Decisions about curriculum, specialized programs, and admission standards are often made without an opportunity for parents and caregivers to offer their feedback; a right protected by federal or state education laws to review, comment, or have their children opt-out of controversial teachings.

New programs are being implemented as early as Kindergarten, priming young minds to think within a certain ideology rather than fostering curiosity, questions, experimentation, and growth.

Rather than teaching the next generation to think critically – to formulate and defend their own opinions and beliefs – activist curriculum is shutting down dissenting opinions, while simultaneously shaming and ostracizing students who won’t conform.

There is also an unfortunate trend of schools changing or eliminating merit-based accelerated programs and schooling. Dismantling such programs ensures that the only students who will excel long term are those who can afford a private education, tutoring, or specialized extracurricular programs.

Schools should be free of curriculum and programs driven by political activists, and instead make space for children to do what they do best – learn, grow, create, and be better than those who walked before them.

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